Why we started this?

Right to Vote is the most powerful weapon of every citizen provided by Indian Constitution. Only those citizens whose names are present in Voter list can Vote.


We data mine the Electoral Rolls and identify the households that have Unregistered Voters.

What we do ?

We help people to get their voter ids with Mr.CAT :


Our team (Volunteer or our contract Employee) will reach the doorstep of Unregistered Voter with Missing Voter App.


If our team finds any Unregistered Voter, they will collect the details needed in and save in Missing Voter App in 2 mins. 


Our back-end team will take the details captured and fill the online enrollment form in Election Commission Website.


Our team will track the status of application form and do the needful and inform the Voter when the Voter card is approved.

1. How do we identify Missing Voter Households ?

We identify missing voter household by following DOG :

2. How do we reach Missing Voter Household ?

Our Volunteer reaches Missing Voter Household:

The data generated is integrated with “Missing Voters” app. App is available in play store and app store and can be downloaded for FREE. Any user can download and register in the App.

As of today we have 4000 plus volunteers, We pay Rs.10 for volunteer when they add one voterid into the app.

3. How do we collect details needed for voter enrollment in 2 minutes ?

We help people to get their voter ids by following the below 7 steps :

In Missing Votes App, Our Volunteer clicks on More button and clicks on Apply For VoterId link. Apply new voter id page is displayed. Volunteer selects State, Parliamentary Constituency , Assembly Constituency of the applicant.

4. How will our team apply for the Voter Ids ?


1. Our Back end team will pick up the record and fill apply for voter id online in election commission website.

2. Our Team will note the application id generated by Election Commission Website for every form applied.

3. We keep a track of every application we submit.

4. We have developed a program that verifies the application status. If the application is struck at any stage more than expected time we will contact Booth Level Officer and request to expedite the process.

“If needed we will escalate the matter to Electoral Registration Officer.”

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